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Us at Beach.HEIC


We had a dream.  A little store in the country.  Then in 2017 we bought a 32,000 square foot antique mall in Bryant, Arkansas and turned it into the kind of community shop we'd always wanted.  

​Say hi when you see us!

Maggie and Harper Asleep.JPG
Maggie and Harper at Counter.JPG


They're the real stars of the show around here!


Maggie, named after Margaret Mitchell, is a silver lab, and is a southern belle through and through.  She's a master of the innocent look and can turn it on like a light switch.  She's usually napping in the office and will demand a treat to move off the couch. 

Harper, named after Harper Lee, is a charcoal lab.  She's much more energetic and extroverted than her sister.  She hates missing a chance at getting some attention.  Watch out for her licker!

They're here most days and love it when customers stop by for a visit and to give some pets.

Cotton and Cooper.JPG


Cotton and Cooper were our original shop dogs. 

Cotton, a black lab mix, came to us from the Pulaski County Humane Society.  We named him knowing we would one day have a store called The Cotton Shed.  He loved walks and going to the beach.

Cooper, a silver lab, came along a couple years later.  He was a gentle giant and wanted to be wherever his big brother was.  He was the sweetest dog we've ever known.

Sadly, we lost them both on March 2, 2020.  The Cotton Shed will never be the same without them.  We will never forget them.


In Arkansas, many things find their origin in cotton. Cotton becomes the fabric that warms us around a bonfire, comforts us during sadness, dresses our table as we gather for a meal, and dances along with us in times of joy. It’s from this spirit that The Cotton Shed Vintage Market was born.

The Cotton Shed Vintage Market hosts local vendors from all over Arkansas featuring antique, vintage, and handcrafted treasures. As a community market, The Cotton Shed invites guests of all ages to shop, gather, and explore with family events, Vintage After Dark adult shopping nights, and DIY workshops.

Whether you’re coming from across town or across the county,

find comfort in the woven threads of The Cotton Shed Vintage Market.

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